AH3 Code of Conduct

The Amsterdam Hash House Harriers want to make sure that everyone can have fun and drink beer (or a beverage of choice). We strive to ensure an inclusive, safe and respectful environment for everyone who wants to be part of our hash.

We do not tolerate bad behavior where hashers assemble. This includes but is not limited to the following: 

•           Verbal and physical threats, harassment, violence, abuse
•           Non-consensual sexual conduct. Consent is mutual, informed, specific, freely given, and reversible, and it is required. No means no; the absence of “no” is not consent; someone who is severely intoxicated cannot consent; if someone changes their mind, respect their choice; and if you are unsure, ask, and respect their response.
•           Bullying, slander, rumors on any (digital) platform used by hashers to communicate
•           Non-consensual photography and the sharing of it
•           Theft or misappropriation of belongings
•           Underage drinking of alcohol, driving under the influence

If you violate this policy:
Hashing and crashing are privileges. If you are a safety risk to others, you may be removed and not welcomed back to the hash. Inappropriate behavior is subject to removal from the hash and/or crash space for the day, for a period of time, or permanently at the discretion of Mismanagement. 

If an allegation is brought to Mismanagement, they may request that the hasher(s) involved stop attending the hash for a period of time. This is not a presumption of guilt, but to avoid potential conflict while Mismanagement discusses the situation.

How do you get help if you need it?
Talk to someone from Mismanagement or another hasher you trust to point you in the right direction. 

If you need help, we can:
1.     Have your back
2.     Listen
3.     Support your choices
4.     Get you a buddy for trail
5.     Provide you a safe crash space
6.     Remove someone from the hash, event and/or crash space
7.     Direct you to other resources to help you. 

“We are hashers through and through!”

This Code of Conduct was adapted from one used by many hashes around the world.