We have a vacancy for a HaberDasher. Anyone interested sends an e-mail to our Grand Mattress Slippery Edge ( GM@AH3.nl ). We do not have much in stock at the moment and what we have is hidden somewhere.

We have a comfortable amount of business cards for you to hand out to anyone interested.

You can always have some shirts printed yourself. There are a number of services that print on demand. We do have only some experience with that. It is more expensive that having large orders printed Give it a try and share your experience with us.

Two options for ordering shirts (as said, shere is little experience with this). Pink Panter was happy with the result from shirt-discounter. But there are others like SpreadShirt.

How to do this is explained on www.HashHouseHarriers.nl/haberdashery

White logo on a transparent background (for dark colored shirts)

Black logo on a transparent background (for light colored shirts)

Green logo on a transparent background (for a yellow shirt)