Super Spreader’s Birthday!

Super Spreader turned 3 this week, and like the good hasher he is, he knows that you should hare a run near your birthday! So on Sunday he’ll set out and lay a trail in his neighbourhood. He’ll probably ask his dad, Middle Spoon, to help, if only so that he can get some beers in. There won’t be a beer stop, but you can have a beer or 2 on the pavement before of after the run. We’ll be updated on the day when trail is ready. I’m sure you don;t need reminding, but we can’t be seen with more than 2 hanging out together. Our experience of virtual trails from the last lockdown was that we didn’t bump into each other that much, so I’m not expecting any trouble. We won’t have a zoom session, but you always join Wageningen zoom, which is at 17:00. Ask if you need the link.


Nov 08 2020


Whenever you want


Super Spreader' Lair
Rooseveltlaan 164, 1078 NT

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